There is more to successful software implementation than off-the-shelf training.
We offer a targeted blend of tailored course content, just-in-time delivery, assistance with process redefinition, mentoring and bespoke user guides underpinned by effective change management practices.
The result is better retention of software use, matching your changing work practices.

Helping you manage the change caused by introducing new software into your work practices is a core of the business of Training Effect I.T.. We leverage our extensive experience to bring best practices to your software adoption.

We also leverage our network contacts to bring the right skill set to the engagement.

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A tailored approach ensures training retention and relevancy are attained, with minimum disruption and lack of productivity.



Training Effect I.T. was formed to bring improved software development practices to organisations through effective and timely education in newly acquired supporting software, at a sustainable price point.

We bring over 16 years experience in Application Lifecycle Management best practices to our engagements, which include needs analysis, training and mentoring, documentation, and post-product reviews.



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