IBM Rational Team Unifying Platform suite of tools implementation and enablement

A major ANZ Police Organisation were not getting use of the products purchased. There was no traction amongst middle management or end users.

Contribution: Determined environment and project requirements - Planned Implementation, Oversaw Implementation, and Reviewed Implementation. Made recommendations for next engagement, accepted by customer.

Result: the customer was enabled and using the software to achieve their development goals to reduce lifecycle duration and manage traceability throughout the lifecycle.

Defect Tracking System

A major Asian Turf Racing Organisation required a their defect tracking system to be migrated from software that was nearing end-of-life to IBM Rational ClearQuest.

Contribution: Gathered and documented requirements; prepared test and migration documentation; wrote new system; prepared administrator and end user guides; delivered enablement.

Result: project was delivered to specification within time and budget.

Performance Testing Software Enablement and Mentoring


A major international consulting organisation with branches in the USA needed enablement to help ensure that systems written for customers would meet capacity, load, stress and capacity test requirements.

Contribution: Delivered timely and relevant training in test software usage. Mentored on setting up in-house performance testing environment.

Result: staff were ready to begin testing on systems. The in-house system was correctly configured.

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